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 YES!!!  You can Make Money doing your own Home repairs!!!


 Everyone that owns their own Home has Insurance or should have.  What happens when that storm rolls through your neighborhood and damages your roof?  (Hail, shingles blown off, downed tree) -- Well depending on the situation the first thing you do is call either your Insurance Agent or a contractor - in most cases we believe the Insurance Agent gets the first call -- he comes out to take pictures and assess the damage -- he then tells you to get some estimates -- which you do -- unless it needs immediate attention -- then they will tell you to call someone now to at least give you a temporary patch (to stop further damage -- Now don't forget  just because they came out for the patch doesn't mean they "own the job")


 Well if you are energetic - willing and able - You can send a copy of your estimates to the "King" and we will be willing to send you an estimate of how much it will cost you for us to guide you through your project.  If you decide to  team up with King Skipper Construction we will guide you through the job letting you make most of the money - guaranteed payment upon completion by your own homeowners Insurance!!


 Here is an example of how it could work:  A terrible storm went through the neighborhood and caused hail damage to your roof - A contractor was called out and an estimate was given - you in turn send us a copy of the estimate along with measurements and pictures of the damage - we give you a quote on our "guidance fees".  For big jobs we suggest you get some help (family members - friends - neighbors)  people you can count on.  Also remember we are working with you alone so that makes you in charge of your help.  We are guiding you - you need to guide them.


This example was hail damage and required the old roof to be torn off and a new roof installed

Here is how it could pan out:

house showing example of the roof front view
roof on house from the back view

Total job cost from estimate ----------------- $16,854.00

Total material costs --------------------------- $ 3,647.00

Dumpster Fees ------------------------------- $    895.00

Balance ---------------------------------------- $12,312.00

Our costs vary with job size and

involvement (will go a little high here) ------ $ 1,500.00

Balance ---------------------------------------- $10,812.00

Personally I would give my help something $ 2,000.00

Money in your pocket ------------------------ $ 8,812.00

If you have help it might be wise to have them sign a waiver of some kind so your not liable if they get hurt - which can happen -- so we suggest you choose your help wisely!  and ones that you trust completely!

 Keep in mind that this is your house and you are paying the insurance - why shouldn't you reap the rewards when things happen?  It doesn't just work

for roofs -- water damage to basements or interior

damage from ice dams - Sidings and decking


 Also keep in mind on some jobs we are limited to

things we can help guide you with so if a tornado

completely lifts your roof off your house - rafters and

all then throws it in the back yard we suggest to

let a local contractor do the work because we feel

we couldn't guide you with all the variables involved

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