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     Every now and then when our work load gets to be to much - We will "hire out" another contractor to do a portion of a job.  We where getting ready to build a custom home and decided to farm some of the work out.  We called on a Plumbing contractor who gave us an "Estimate" for all the plumbing in this custom home.  He came up with a quote for $15,875.00 which included all the supply lines, drain lines, vents, shut-offs, sump pumps and pits, shower units, faucets, mixing valves, toilets, sinks --- everything.

We asked him what kind of fixtures where included in that price and he told us "mid range" (Whatever that meant) -- he seemed very vague on the subject -- so without being specific we would have probably received lower end quality fixture unless we wanted to pay more --- needless to say we decided to do the job ourselves --- That same job with top shelf fixtures, toilets and showers -- along with up sized copper pipes -- divided the house into two "systems" -- two hot water tanks -- water softeners, etc. -- many extras --- we were able to do the upgraded job for $7,550.00 all of our labor and material costs were included --- that's a savings of $8,325.00 -- there were no hassles or problems that come with the typical contractor -- the job was started on time and finished on time -- smiles all around and a big savings to boot --- this was a big job -- it involved 5 bathrooms -- I don't know if we could do a job of this size on line -- most homeowners aren't putting in 5 bathrooms from scratch and this was more about an example of the price savings that we experienced


Roofing makes you a little silly

Roofing makes you a little silly

Another Happy Homeowner

     Here is a typical example of how we saved the homeowner more than $5,450.00 on a roof job that was done on line by the homeowner.  On this job the homeowner was quoted $8,895.00 to install new shingles over the existing ones on the house only  ---  (mind you there was a two car garage and a shed about the size of a one and a half car garage)  This was an older home that had been added on several times.  By the looks of it the contractors That did the add ons years ago where not very good and in my opinion "extra" repairs needed to be done -- which who knows if the "Roofing contractor" that gave the original estimate for $8,895.00 would have even corrected the problems -- or what would he have charged to correct them? The homeowner didn't even know anything was wrong --- Dormers meeting an add-on roof - not flashed correctly - the pitches where not right --- it was really a disaster --- in addition there where other issues by the chimney.  Anyway the homeowner with our guidance was able to do the whole roof, garage, and shed for a savings of $5,450.00.  So who knows what the real savings would have been if the other contractor had charged extra for the extra items that needed attention --- not to mention the garage and shed

Anyway here is what that home owner had to say when I texted him:

We got over 3 1/2" of rain last night - any roof leaks?

King Skipper


Not one drop made it through.


Sorry I've been slacking on the pictures, I'll do it Wednesday

Who helped you become the "King" of your house?

King Skipper


I recently got the letter from Allstate congratulating me on being accepted and nothing more needs to be done to be insured


The King of Kings, the overlord himself, Skip

Glad I could help make you the "King"

King Skipper

A that would be "King Skipper" - glad I could guide you through it - good job!

King Skipper

Saved another customer $400.00 on an installation of a hot water tank

Another customer saved $1250.00 on a Quarry tile floor

The list goes on and on

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